Collie Jung is a New York based motion designer and illustrator from Seoul, Korea.
She graduated from ︎︎︎School of Visual Arts.
Previously, she worked at  ︎ Base Design and ︎Hello Monday.
Feel free to reach out and say hi at ︎ 

Graphis New Talent
American Graphic Design Award
Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival x Unity Short Film
AI-AP International Motion Art Awards 10
3x3 International Illustration Show No.19
School of Visual Arts Motion Screening Show

Collie Jung


Base touched almost every brand aspect: from naming and strategy, to the website and merchandise—all centered around communicating the museum as a place that’s experiential and educational; a cultural institution rather than a dispensary. Since cannabis can transport the mind to different places, the iconic arched windows of the house’s historic building at 427 Broadway were an obvious tie-in to represent portals to other realms. This shape informed a tight visual framework that revolves around a flexible motif, used to either contain or frame a wide range of content, and acting as both a conceptual and a literal window into the world of THC NYC.
By Base
Role: Motion Designer
Full Case Study︎︎︎