Collie Jung is a New York based motion designer and illustrator from Seoul, Korea.
She graduated from ︎︎︎School of Visual Arts.
Previously, she worked at  ︎ Base Design and ︎Hello Monday.
Feel free to reach out and say hi at ︎ 

Graphis New Talent
American Graphic Design Award
Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival x Unity Short Film
AI-AP International Motion Art Awards 10
3x3 International Illustration Show No.19
School of Visual Arts Motion Screening Show

Collie Jung

Lean In

Lean In Girls is a program that empowers, educates, and supports young girls in their pursuit of leadership roles. Founded by the visionary Sheryl Sandberg, this initiative is dedicated to breaking stereotypes for girls to unlock their full potential as leaders.

By Hello Monday
Role: Motion Designer
Full Case Study: coming soon